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Past Episodes

Episode 1 2018

In this episode of ETalk.TV we talk with Jo Ann Richards about Earth Defense Headquarters, her husband Mark Richards & family, Nikola Tesla, Deep Space programs, Raptors, Trogs, Reptoids, Reptilians & more

Episode 2 2018

Tom Dongo is a long time resident of Sedona. Join us as he explains his knowledge of the paranormal & UFO activity in the Sedona area over the last 30 years. Everything from UFO's, Alien bases, Bradshaw Ranch, Bigfoot, Jerome and more...

Episode 3 2018

In This Episode of ETalk.TV Author, Researcher Brad Olsen shares his wisdom on esoteric knowledge. Covering topics from Illuminati,  Secret Societies, Egypt, Lemuria, Greece, and more...

Episode 4 2019

Special Guest Reverend John Polk

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