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I am a paranormal podcaster, paranormal radio show host and investigator. I investigate with six paranormal teams. I host a podcast show with my co-host Carla Norris called The Energy That Surrounds Us. I am co-host of another podcast show called Paranormal Vs. with Kell Ridley. I have investigated in eight states currently, soon to be nine in June 2023. I have had paranormal experiences since I was 2 years old. I have been fortunate to have experiences in 4 different countries and experiences in four states growing up before I knew paranormal investigating was a thing. I could say I was born and raised in the paranormal field. I have been paranormal investigating with various teams and some local teams for the past four years and have been on over 100 investigations in various locations. Two of my favorite locations currently to investigate is Fort Wolters Military Base in Mineral Wells and Olde Park Hotel in Ballinger, TX. I enjoy collaborating with other teams whenever I get the chance to. If I am not paranormal investigating or podcasting I can be found sometimes volunteering either at a performing arts center or for a haunted house as well.


Michael Kopf

Michael Kopf

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