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The Energy That Surrounds Us

The Energy That Surrounds Us is hosted by Michael Kopf. This show is about all things paranormal. I am interested in topics in the paranormal field such as spirit/ghost investigations, haunted history of locations, UFO/UAP, dimensional beings, parallel universe theory, past lives, gifts people share, cryptids & more. I will share my interest in the SSP and Disclosure in my special series TETSU: Riding Thorugh the Unknown. I do interviews with guests, showcase locations that I enjoy investigating, investigation techniques, paranormal equipment creators & more. I am all about learning new techniques & sharing what I know with paranormal teams across the USA and beyond. Please join me every week on Tuesdays at 9pmCST. I hope you enjoy this journey I am on.


Michelle Gray has graciously joined me as a temporary Co-Host as she learns the ropes of hosting a show. She is working on creating her own shows and I am happy to be of help to her. Carla Norris has decided to step back from this show to pursue a new show with two other teammates. I wish her and her show she is starting great success. 

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